If your future customer is looking for you, will they find you?

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If your future customer is looking for you, will they find you?

If your future customer is looking for a vendor in your sector of the business world, THEY ARE LOOKING FOR YOU…

…and they will search Google and other browsers to find someone to meet their needs.

How can you assure they find you in the first page of listings?

In years past you’d be there in the Yellow Pages and pay for the biggest, boldest space possible, hoping to capture most of the potential prospects in search of your products and services.

By 2011, Kern Lewis, Forbes Contributor, reported that:
“…Multiple studies confirm that consumers report using the internet first, about 80% of the time, when they need a new product or service, and printed Yellow Pages only second or third, about 50% of the time.” Source

By 2014, the Acquity Group reported that:
“…94% of business buyers were doing some form of online research.  Studies from the same year showed 74% of business to business procurement efforts were aided by “the use of Google Search.”

And exactly how are your prospects searching?

Let’s talk about more recent stats: www.THINKwithGoogle.com reports that 71% of B2B searchers start by searching for the product or service they want, not the name brand.

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