Email Marketing Campaigns

Your current clients are your #1 fans, if you are not sending email marketing campaigns to them you are doing your business a huge disservice.

Ding! No that’s not your doorbell. That’s the familiar sound of an email making its way into your inbox. Email marketing is an important part of your marketing toolbox.  According to Marketingsherpa’s Benchmark Report, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content via email. Email is here to stay so let’s use it to our advantage!

Email marketing..why?… you ask.

Your current clients are your #1 fans, if you are not marketing to them you are doing a huge disservice to your business. An email campaign is a simple and cost effective way to stay in touch with your database of clients and generate new ones. By staying in contact and marketing to your clients, you have the opportunity of obtaining business from them on a more frequent basis.

Email campaigns have several benefits including:
  • Real-time messages
  • Cost effectiveness-(Who doesn’t appreciate that?)
  • Environmentally friendly-Do your marketing while saving trees at the same time!
  • Results can be easily tracked-Who actually opened your emails?  We can tell you!
  • Specific market targeting
  • High ROI.  Campaign monitor reports that for every $1 spent on email marketing, $38 is generated.  Not too shabby of a return rate!
  • Email has a large reach with over 3.9 billion email accounts in 2013 and a projected 4.9 billion by 2017 according to Radicati

Gettingraphic can help you by designing and implementing an email campaign directed towards your target audience. We will create a template based design with a content management system that is easy to use and of course, we will make your brand look as fabulous as you are.

We help you with multiple aspects of email campaigns such as:
  • Building a template
  • Sending emails
  • Creating a campaign
  • Tracking responses
  • Build landing pages to link the 
email campaign to
  • and much more…
Contact us about getting your email campaign setup.

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