A DENVER WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY that shares secrets? Absolutely!

A DENVER WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY that shares secrets? Absolutely!

How do I get rid of typos once and for all? This Denver based website design company has your answers…

Are spelling and grammar faux pas plaguing your online presence? It may seem like there is a gremlin at work behind the scenes, making sure extra spaces and misspelled words slip past all of our efforts to make it through to the final draft.

It’s not a gremlin…it’s something much closer to us. Our brains.

In order to function with everyday efficiency, the brain performs a nifty trick. It’s wired to create thousands of shortcuts and to fill in the blanks based on our previous perceptual experiences. We normally need these shortcuts to survive each new experience in life without entering into the laborious process of starting over again to interpret each new stimuli. This short cut way of perception is highly useful in almost every other facet of life.

But not so when it comes to double checking our own work. In essence, the brain sees what it wanted to write.  If that’s the case (and I think many of us can attest to it from personal experience), then how do we trick the brain into seeing our website verbiage the way it actually is?

Secret revealed: Read each word letter by letter, last letter first.  

Graphic artists in American exhibit design companies have been using this procedure since the twentieth century ( -ack! …for that long? ) to check the accuracy of their light box graphics before shipping them off to major trade shows.

Their software gave them the same grammar and spelling challenges that our more advanced versions give us, so we can be pretty sure they are still using the same backwards (forwards) analysis today. Creative thinking often does result in brilliantly simple solutions…

As a species, we’ve been innovating since day one. Can’t get that big, plush pillow to slide into that average-sized pillow case? Just turn the case inside out, grab the corners of the pillow through the corners of the case, pull it over the pillow …et voila! 

There are lots of examples of front to back solutions such as backtracking when we are lost, reverse engineering unknown technologies and looking at abstract art from every direction to gain the fullest experience and understanding possible. We want to make sure we don’t miss any details.

So what is it about proofreading from the end to the beginning that works so well? Instead of seeing only what it wants to see, the brain sees what is actually there.

So proofread your copy with confidence.  And when you’re done, we’ll add your content and upload your blogs, making sure plugins are updated and security measures are up to date.

Does your website design specialist do this for you? We attend to the details and we work within your budget, contact us today for a FREE Estimate.

And that pillow with the fresh pillow case on it? Sit back, relax and sink your head into it’s cradling comfort. You’ve got Gettingraphic on your side.

…your Denver website design company…