Brochure Design

Image is important.. especially first impressions.

Are you proud to hand out your brochure, if not give us a call.

Custom Brochure Design for Businesses

A brochure design can be an integral part of your branding.  Image is important, especially first impressions.  Here is a test, take a few brochures from different companies, in addition to yours. Lay them all out on a table, and ask a few people what brochure would they pick up first, and why.

If they say your brochure design, great! If not, you have some work to do, and should contact us right away.

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Presentation Folders

Using presentation folders is a very professional way to present documents, proposals, presentations and other literature to your clients or potential clients. Event in this digital age, some clients still want something in their hand, and with a presentation folder, this gives the client the ability to store the documents, with your name, number and website front and center.

Rack Brochures / Tri-Fold brochures

The purpose of a rack brochure design is to grab someone’s attention, and inspiree them into making an impulse decision while they are standing in front of a rack of 20 other brochures. Other brochures are created to peek interest, without making a hasty decision.  Gettingraphic can help you determine which brochure design best suits your business needs.

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Booklets, Catalogs & Magazines

The booklets, catalogs and magazines are another tool that has a different marketing goal. This type of marketing, like a website, is more informative, explains the product, service or business. These brochures are often used as press kits, catalogs, company guides, event programs, etc.

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