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We will help you develop a marketing piece that does not get lost in the pile.

postcard and direct mail marketing

Postcard and Direct Mail campaigns are great ways to connect with your customer base. However it is not always delivered in the perfect manner. It sometimes gets delivered with “junk mail” causing your piece to be overlooked. With this in mind, Gettingraphic takes the time to come up with strategies that will get your direct mail noticed.

Whether it is sending a large format postcard, a 3D-mail piece, adding eye catching photos or creating headlines that grab the reader, Gettingraphic will help you come up with the best scenario to achieve your marketing goal.

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What do you currently use for direct mail … a brochure? postcard?

Does it get the attention of your target audience?
Is your mailing database getting little response?

To the right is the average ROI for direct mail. How does your ROI compare?
Do you want more return on your investment?

Average ROI for Direct mail.

Direct Mail (letter size)0
Oversized Mail (Postcard or Envelope)0
Postcard (5.5`` x 8``)0

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