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Website Design

Custom Website Design

Whether your company is looking for a small Internet presence, shopping cart / e-commerce, landing pages, content management or a large scale website design, Gettingraphic can assist you with all of your website needs.

Our websites are all built using CSS, PHP, HTML and include files. All designs are Gettingraphic originals so you know you are not getting another companies recycled website design.

We work with the client to discover and set goals, then we take the time to strategically plan and design the site based on those goals.

Why you need a professional website.

Believe it or not, a bad website design can hurt a companies website results. Think of it this way, if the web site design is unorganized, it is going to discourage a potential client from using your site to the fullest potential. If your website is designed by Gettingraphic, or another professional website designer, the site is going to be organized and inviting. Thus keeping the potential client on your website longer and getting them to use your services or buy your product.

Easy Navigation

Gettingraphic believes that a website with navigation that easily shows your options, will keep your clients on your webpages longer, resulting in more sales, or leads for your company. If the client can't find what they are looking for in the first viewing of the site, they are going to move to another website. The goal of your navigation is to direct people into the site, encourage them to read more, view more products, or contact you for more information.

Call to action

Give the reader some direction, do not let them leave the website without finding the information they came for. Link each page to another page, which may interest the reader. For example, at the bottom of this page, we give you two additional options other then what is in the navigation bar; View our Work Samples, or Contact Gettingraphic. Giving your potential client choices is probably going to keep them on your site longer.


At Gettingraphic we design your e-commerce website to blend seamlessly with the rest of your website. We use an easy-to-use interface that makes running your online store a breeze.

Content Management

Looking for a content management system for your website? Gettingraphic works with the Wordpress structure to create a simple-to-use management system with endless possibilities.

Other items to enhance your brand:

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Things to think about

  • Is your content easy to find, and written in a way that a consumer will understand.
  • Can you access every page from any page on your site
  • Does your website represent you the way you want it to?
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Benefits of a well designed website

  • A simple website design will help the reader find the information quickly.
  • Good clean navigation will allow the reader to work through your website with ease.
  • A good website should invite the reader into the rest of the site with buttons and text links that will benefit the reader.
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