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Logo Design

A logo design is the most identifiable part of your brand, mainly because this icon, logo or emblem is going to be on every item in the brand. The job of your logo is to gain immediate recognition, trust and to begin building customer loyalty.

Your logo creation is just one part of your brand, a very important part. When building your brand identity, you should keep in mind that the logo needs to be different then the competition. You do not want to use the same colors, fonts or shapes of the other companies in your specific market. By differentiating yourself, you are avoiding confusing the customer between your brand and that of your competition.

Like many corporations, products and services using an icon as part of their logo, results in the customer noticing the brand without seeing the actual name of the product or company. A few examples: Apple Inc, Red Cross, Playboy...

Redesign vs. Update Your Logo Design

Once a logo is branded and recognized in the public, it is usually a bad idea to redesign a logo at that point. Although, updating the logo every few years to keep the logo looking new and refreshed, is recommended. Sometimes as simple as adding an element, simplifying, changing a font or changing a sharp edge to a smooth edge is enough to update the logo. Examples of companies that have updated their logos over the years are: Apple Inc, and Pepsi. (Apple - went from the rainbow apple to the white apple with the bite taken out of it. Pepsi - has updated their logo over the years to stay up to date.)

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Things to think about

  • How out of date is your current logo.
  • Should you change your font.
  • Should you change your colors.
  • How will this all effect your current branding.
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Benefits of a great logo design

  • People are visual, and will remember a good logo.
  • A good logo makes a great brand.
  • Your logo will compliment your business and anything you place it on.
  • Other companies will want to display your brand and logo if it looks great.
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